Service only available for media cloud customers.!

After approval if any of the service deactivated due to admin interactions or due to content issues we are not responsible.

Google News

100% Google News Approval
100% Money Back (If failed)
AMP Website.

Bing News

100% Bing News Approval
100% Money Back (If failed)
AMP Website.

Apple News

100% Apple News Approval
100% Money Back (If failed)
Service not available in India.

Skoobot Chatbot

Skoobot Chatbot Services
Whatsap Chatbot
Facebook Chatbot
Website Chatbot
Chat Flow Setup
All Skoobot Services are available through our Website
Visit for pricing and other details

Premium SEO

GMB Setup
Sitemaps Generations & Submissions
Backlinks Creations
100% Increase in search traffic
Alexa Ranking Boosting
Target Keyword Focusing
KnowledgePanel For Eligible Brands
*Contact sales team before placing the order.

WP Blog Development

Wordpress News Blog.
Basic SEO with Yoast.
All Basic Security Optimised.
Ads Fully Supported
Full Admin Access
Paid Themes and Plugins.

Ads Management

Facebook/Instagram ads,
Google Ads.
Highly Optimised Ads as per needs.
Vernacular Ads by Adblaze Ads Network
(Publisher can also use own Ad accounts)

Content Writing

Daily Content Posting (English, Malayalam)
5 posts per day (Sunday off)
100% original content
A niche can be selected by the site owner
Daily post selections
Posting in one social media account (facebook, twitter, helo app, etc)

Website Development Pro

Wordpress Website.
Advanced webpage designs.
Ads Fully Supported, Full Admin Access.
Paid Themes and Plugins.
Animations support.
GMB, Third-party integrations.
Basic SEO with Yoast, Advanced Website security.
Mail notifications and webmail integrations.
Push notifications system.
*Per page charge.

Bots Development

ChatBots for social media.
Content publishing bots.
Automatic blog postings.
Telegram bots.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Monthly Website Optimisations.
Website Support in Social Media.
Advanced Ads Management.
100% Increase in Traffic Ranking.

Media Booster Pro

High Speed Website Experience.
Advanced server Optimisations
80+ Google Page Speed Guaranteed
SEO Optimised, with weekly growth reports
Facebook traffic optimiser