Manual Registrant Contact Change for gTLD and newTLD domains

NOTE: this article applies only to gTLD (.com .net .org .info) and newTLD domains!
Registrant contact changes can be easily done on DomainRegister's administrative panel.
But modification of registrant contact now requires an approval from both the old as well as new registrant contact, and this approval need to be provided through the respective emil addresses.
So, if you have not access to the old email contact, the contact modification cannot be completed. 

Being so, you will need to provide us the following documents for verification purposes:

  • Photo ID proof of registrant (eg: drivers license or passport copy)
  • Any government issued Company Proof (If applicable) - Incorporation Certificate or Company registration certificate.
  • thcontact modification form manually filled and signed by the registrant 



  • the signature on the form and the Photo ID proof should match.
  • copy pasted or digital signatures are not accepted, the signature on the form should be hand written
  • documents are to be provided in pdf format
  • Send the documents rising a ticket or send it by email to
  • The transaction is subject to an administrative fee of € 13,00 ( + VAT) ; please before rising the ticket verify you have sufficient credit and, being necessary, do a credit recharge 
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